Royal Blue

How it Works

  • You submit a “Royal Blue List” request using the form at the bottom of this page.
  • Our editorial team will check your book link to make sure it complies with our editorial guidelines.
  • If we approve your book for listing, we will send you an email with your payment link to complete your order via PayPal.
  • Our “Royal Blue List” service costs $14 (Only Fourteen United States Dollars).
  • Once we receive your payment, one of our editorial team members will buy your book, read it from cover to cover, and write an “Honest” Amazon review.
  • Meanwhile, we will procced with listing your book under our “Royal Blue List“.
  • Depending on your book’s length, we will submit our review(s) within a period of one to four weeks after receiving your payment.

What is the “Royal Blue List“ listing?

  • Our “Royal Blue List” is a prestigious service we provide to authors, publishers, and agents.
  • It guarantees that we will list your book on our homepage as well as in the middle section of our “Featured Books” section for a period of one month from the day we first include it in our list.
  • One of our editorial team members will also read the book and write an “honest” review that we include under your book’s page on our website (this is the same review we simultaneously post on Amazon).
  • Additionally, you will be subscribed to our “Reflective Books Newsletter” where you can win an additional Amazon Book Review completely FREE of charge besides many other benefits (one new winner is announced with every published issue).

“Royal Blue List” Requirements:

  • A well-designed and attractive book cover.
  • Good spelling, grammar, and structure.
  • Listing on a major bookseller: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc.
  • Your book must be priced at $4.99 or less.
  • No erotica, romance fiction, sex guides and LGBTQ studies.
  • No hate or violence content.
If your book meets the above requirements, please proceed with your submission below.

“Royal Blue” Submission Form

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