Book Cover: The 1-Day TECHNICAL ANALYSIS Expert Guide

You will learn how to become a professional technical analyst and profitably trade any financial market in the world in just one day; be it stocks, currencies, commodities, precious metals or even bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It might be unheard of, and you might be warned against it, but you are asked just one thing before embarking into this journey; that is, to trust the author's 20-year experience in this field! Obviously, there are tons of books on the subject... But you should also know that 90% of traders lose money in the market, including - believe it or not - all those so-called "expert" technicians, who happen to hold the highest certifications in the field, while 5% break-even and the remaining 5% are literally the only ones who make money trading financial markets.

The reasons behind this shocking failure will be discussed later in this book, but for now, you're asked once again not just to trust the content that is being presented to you, but also your own caliber! Unlike popular thought, technical analysis is one of the easiest subjects to master. No matter how hard they try to complicate it, it will always remain easy, smooth and profitable for the ones who believe so, who trust in themselves and who don't get dragged into the commercial complications of this field.

Take a deep breath, recharge your will and determination, buy the book and let’s go!